WEBINAR RECORDING: Pitch to Production

Mathew Leland, Ben Danielowski and Tanner Simpson of Boum Creative discuss the tools needed for modern pre-production workflows to help you win creative pitches.


"Freeing your ideas from the page and turning them into an experience is what we do"  

Boum Creative, a multifaceted Design, Content, and Production studio, is based in New York City where they find themselves working on projects for corporate, fashion, music clients and more. Excelling at collaboration with clients to bring their vision to life, Boum’s staff of Designers, Production Managers, and Technical Producers utilize new technologies to create, pre-visualize, and build experiences to drive the vision.

"We believe that the foundation of a creative approach should be rooted in an understanding of technology and logistics"
With years of experience supporting and designing for TV, Fashion, Product and Concert, Boum Creative strives to create a process that is steeped in knowledge, inspired by creativity and imparted with the lessons from past experiences.

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